Why photography and video in real estate?

When it Comes to Real Estate Marketing, Presentation is Everything

In today’s world of the internet, visuals are more important than ever. Photos and videos narrate the story not only of the home but also of the person who is going to live there.

It captures buyers’ attention, interest, and signals an internal feeling that resonates with the buyer and tells them if this future place can be called Home.

Professional Photos

Online photos are the first and one of the most important impressions, because based on the first impression a buyer might or might not buy a house.

  • A survey by Homes.com showed that listings having no photos or bad photos scare the buyers away. Based on buyers surveyed, 91% said they are “less likely to see a home in person if the listing has bad photos or no photos.”

When you yourself shop online, what is the first thing you usually check? Photos.

You check the quality photos that would depict the product, as detailed as possible, and as many photos as you can to make sure if it’s worth it.

The same goes for the person/company selling it. They want to present the product in the best possible way and make sure the buyer has all the tools they need.

  • High-quality professional photos taken by someone who knows lighting, staging, and the most important the story of the home.

Professional Video

Videos are as important as photography for real estate. Even if it’s an underused part of marketing, it has a bright future.

Through a video tour, buyers get to see the floor plan, the size of the rooms, and most importantly the feel of the spaces that a photo can never express.

  • Studies show that videos in search results get 3 times the amount of click-through traffic as other websites. People will choose it over written text or still photos.

YouTube has become the second largest search platform on the web. Many buyers go directly to YouTube to see homes for sale.


The grand finale

In the competitive real estate listing market, having the visual advantage will help you stand out.

If you don’t have video, how will you scale trust?

If you don’t have video, how will you identify the story, the emotions, and the passion behind the house?

If you don’t have video, how will you narrate the story of that person who is going to live there?

After all, the first step in selling something is getting the buyer to get off their computer, and come to see it.