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3D Media started as a real estate-focused advertising agency when it was founded in 2017. Now it’s a full-service media partner. Founder and Chief Executive Dmitriy Hanuka prefers to describe his Irvine-based firm as a “growth partner” and counts over 2,000 customers from a range of industries including construction, automotive, healthcare and more. 3D Media typically manages multimillion-dollar budgets, Hanuka said. The agency still specializes in photography, video production and website development, such as creating 3D virtual tours, and has developed additional services over the years to round out its client offerings.

The 3D team also trains clients on establishing a presence on review sites like Yelp and Google, helps set up IT services, develops marketing and customer service strategies, and more. Each project is determined after a consultation where gaps are found in the company’s existing operations, such as a poor website or little to no reviews on Yelp. This has led to ongoing revenue growth, with sales increasing nearly 50% year-over-year in 2023, according to Hanuka. The executive declined to disclose exact figures. “Ultimately, what we do is help people expose themselves to the world,” Hanuka told the Business Journal. “The best advertising is not simply selling, it’s educating.” Advertising Pieces Hanuka started in the industry in 2006, creating digital marketing campaigns for car dealerships and convenience stores. In 2012, Hanuka co-founded Grip Sense, which created protective cases for mobile devices. It was acquired by manufacturer Gigastone Corp. a couple years later. He was also overseeing a firm that specialized in website development, called OCD Squad. The executive was hired by Gigastone as director of product management. After leading the operations and marketing of cellphones, cameras and memory devices for three years, Hanuka said he wanted to leave the corporate environment to “take things into his own hands.”

Having bought his first digital camera in high school, he combined his knowledge of photography and videography with the website building and leadership skills he had gained and created 3D Media in 2017. Advertising services were the final piece of the puzzle, he noted. He credited his wife, Jeanette, for her advice to establish in-house teams for editing and a contractor network for other services when 3D Media first began providing imagery and footage for real estate firms. Now, 3D Media is one of the top advertising partners for Yelp and Google with the highest retention rates among other media firms, Hanuka said.

Global The agency has no plans to slow down in acquiring new customers and is investing in its internal operations and technology. Currently, 3D Media has a core group of about 80 year-round businesses that generate most of its revenue, according to the CEO. 3D Media has photographed and filmed reels for Colombia sportswear, Century 21 in Irvine and local hospitals at their opening events. The team has built an online presence for multiple small businesses such as air conditioning companies, florists, brokerages and others. With 40 employees companywide, Hanuka knows adding and training more people will help him scale.
“We’re not here for the short-term game,” Hanuka said.