Customer Success Associate

Jules is a 23-year-old professional, is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing, adding to her existing degree in Accountancy Business and Management. Jules is known for being reliable, adaptable, and a team player. Her motto in life is to be with people who resonate with her soul. She has diverse work experience being a customer success associate and a crew member at McDonald’s. With five years of experience in customer service, including handling technical issues, Jules was promoted at the young age of 21.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Jules is a professional ballroom dancer, talented content creator and enjoys editing videos, creating reels, and engaging with others through fun and captivating content. Additionally, she has a passion for cooking and creating food vlogs, reading books, singing, and dancing. Jules also manages her own small business in chocolate retailing and rice meals. As a devoted mother and an ambitious individual, Jules embodies attributes such as hard work, trustworthiness, and a goal-oriented mindset. Her dedication and flexibility make her an invaluable asset in any team environment.