Customer Success Manager

Meet Gwen, the Gen-Z customer success manager extraordinaire with 7 years of customer service experience in her artillery. She believes that the key to an exceptional customer service is Simplicity and Empathy. It doesn’t have to be complicated to help a friend out and putting yourself into others’ shoes is like looking through a crystal clear window, rather than just solving the issue at hand she also sees an opportunity to connect and nurture the relationship with every client.

Outside the corporate world, Gwen has an alter ego named “Jack” as in “Jack of all trades” who has strong passion for art and has found herself embracing creativity may it be through painting, traditional drawing, Digital arts and design, video & photo editing and is currently exploring tattooing. She is not by all means master of any of the said branches of art but rather just enjoys expressing herself.

So if ever you need a friend, you know who to call.