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This is the 3D Gallery support page with common questions and answers as well as known problems. Please review the information supplied in this section prior to sending a customer request question. As always, we look forward receiving your feedback.

Registration & Logins & Passwords: Can I use the same login and password across all products and services

Answer: Yes, you can use the same login and password to access your account and the 3D Gallery from your PC, the Trimago smartphone app, the 3D Gallery Connect app, the Forum, and the e-store. Your account info is maintained between two different databases with different functions. The one database is managing e-store and newsletters and the other one is the one managing the access to the 3D Gallery (including Trimago & 3D Gallery Connect apps) and the Forum.

1)    Users that created their accounts by vising My Account or Login in the top left page of the new website (after Nov 1, 2013): You will have the same information in both databases and there is no need of any action.

2)    Users that created their accounts on the old website by visiting the 3D Gallery/Forum or using 3DComposer: The old account information has been copied to the e-store database and you should be able to access the e-store using the same credentials. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind:

a)    In order to purchase products, you need to supply additional information such as first/last name, address, etc. since this information was not available in Gallery/Forum database.

b)    If your username was less than 6 characters, it has not been copied to the e-store database. If you wish to make your username the same, you need to first register to the new website (My Account in top left corner) using a new username and then send us an email requesting to change your 3D Gallery/Forum username to the new one

Please keep also in mind that:

1.    Although it is recommended to keep the same username/passwords in both databases, it is not necessary

2.    Please keep in mind that if you want to change your password you need to change it to both databases using the instructions shown below:



Registration using same email address: I cannot create multiple accounts using the same email address anymore.

Answer: Effective Nov 15, 2013 an account name needs to be associated with a unique email address. Therefore you cannot use the same email to create multiple accounts.

Download photos: I cannot download public 3D photos anymore.

Answer: Effective Oct 31, 2013 you can download 3D photos only if you are the owner of those photos.

Cancel subscription: What happens if I upload my 3D photos to the gallery but I want to later on cancel the service?

Answer: If you decide to cancel the service, you can download and then delete your photos from the 3G gallery.

Private albums: How can I create private albums?

Answer: Login to the 3D Gallery with your login name and password and go to ‘My gallery’.

1.    Select Properties for the Album you want to protect

2.    On ‘Album can be viewed by’ select ‘Me only’ from the drop down menu

3.    Finally click the ‘Update album’ box at the bottom of the page

Sharing of Private Albums: How can I share my private albums with my friends and family?

            Answer:  Login to the 3D Gallery with your login name and password and go to ‘My gallery’.

1.    Check the ‘Password protect this album’ box under ‘Permissions for this album.

2.    Enter the album password and password hint fields

3.    Click the ‘Update album’ box at the bottom of the page

4.    Notify your friends and family with the URL of the album (i.e., where XXX is the ID of the album), the password and optionally the hint

5.    When your friends and family try to access the shared album, they will be prompted for password. Once they have entered the password you provided them, they will have access to the photos in that album


Download Photos: I used to be able to download public photos, but I cannot do it anymore.

Answer:  This is correct. This capability has been removed and now users can download only their personal 3D photos. Users can still view all public 3D photos.

Viewing 3D photos using a PC browser:  Can I view 3D photos from 3D Gallery using a PC browser?

Answer:  Yes, it is possible if you have a PC with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision system. This capability is currently supported only by the Firefox browser. Once you select a photo, you can select the ‘3D Vision’ mode in the upper left corner. If you have stereoscopic 3D enabled in your PC, this will allow you to browse photos in 3D. To enable full-screen 3D viewing, you need to have the 3DComposer software installed on your PC. You can then click the ‘Album Slideshow’ button.



Viewing 3D photos using a PC browser in Stereo Mode: You may have problems setting your PC in stereoscopic mode using NVIDIA’s 3D Vision system.


Suggestions: Update to the most recent NVIDIA drivers and visit or  for additional information and help.  


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