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This is the Trimago support page with common questions and answers as well as known problems. Please review the information supplied in this section prior to sending a customer request question. As always, we look forward receiving your feedback.


Sharing of Private albums: How can I share private albums?

Answer: Trimago does not currently support the creation of Private albums that can be only shared with friends and family.  To accomplish this, you first need to set an album as private within Trimago and then you need to login to the 3D Gallery with your login name and password and go to ‘My gallery’ and perform the following steps:

1.    Check the ‘Password protect this album’ box under ‘Permissions for this album.

2.    Enter the album password and password hint fields

3.    Click the ‘Update album’ box at the bottom of the page

4.    Notify your friends and family with the URL of the album (i.e., where XXX is the ID of the album), the password and optionally the hint

5.    When your friends and family try to access the shared album, they will be prompted for password. Once they have entered the password you provided them, they will have access to the photos in that album



Running Trimago on iPhone3S: Trimago can run on iPhone 3S, but performance is not optimal. First, the iPhone3S camera is fairly old and the quality of images is not very high unless you take 3D photos under bright conditions. In addition, you may experience memory problems and/or occasional crashes.


Suggestions: If you indend to use Trimago on iPhone3S, make sure you take photos under bright conditions and keep the number of open applications on your phone to a minimum.

Trimago on iTouch: Trimago currently does not run on any devices that have horizontal resolution of less than 1280 pixels.


Suggestions: We may remove this limitation in the future if the quality of those cameras increases. 

Auto-capture on iPads: We have not completed testing of all iPad devices at this point. It is possible that during 3D capture the second photo is taken before the overlay image is aligned with the liveview image.  


Suggestions: If you experience this problem, please send us information about the device you are using so we can investigate further. 


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