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This is the 3DComposer support page with common questions and answers as well as known problems. Please review the information supplied in this section prior to sending a customer request question. As always, we look forward receiving your feedback.

3DComposer LE: 3DComposer LE is not anymore part of the product line.

Answer: This is true. We have decided to discontinue the offering of this product due to low demand.

No activations left: If you try to re-install the software several times on different machines, you will get a message saying that “there are no activations left for this license”.

Answer: You used up the available activations on your account. In certain cases, we may grant you an additional activation. Please send an email to info@3dmedia.com explaining the reason why you need an additional activation. Please include the license key and password with your inquiry.

Activation Problem: I have lost the ability to edit and create 3D Photos. My program claims it is in trial mode but I paid for the full license. When I re-enter the license ID and password I received with my order email, I get a response reporting activation has failed along with a message it cannot connect to the server. I'm receiving an "Activation Failed: Code 4" reference.  

            Answer:  Please check the following two potential problems:

1.    It is possible that your computer firewall or proxy does not allow you to connect with the license server. Using your browser, try to connect with the secure.softwarekey.com. If everything is working, you should get an OK response. If you do not get the right response, you need to allow this site in your firewall.

2.    If this is not the case check the ports 80 and 443.

Viewing 3D Photos on 3DTV: How can I view my 3D photos on my 3D TV or Blu-Ray player

Answer:  3DComposer creates 3D photos in either .MPO or .JPS formats. If your TV or Blu-Ray player has internet capability, you may be able to download the 3D photos via the internet. The critical question is whether your devices have a built-in 3D photo viewer. The best way to investigate is to take a 3D photo and try to view it. If the TV or the Blu-Ray player has an SD slot, put your 3D photos on an SD card, insert the card in the TV or Blu-Ray player, and see whether the device will detect them as 3D and will show them in a 3D viewing mode.


Thumbnail Viewer Lock: There have been very rare reports that the thumbnail browser of 3DComposer hangs up. We suspect that this problem is caused when non-standard packages generate JPEG images.


Suggestions: Try to identify the images that cause the problem by removing groups of images and trying 3DComposer until you identify the problem. Submit the problem files to us for further investigation.


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