3D Gallery Connect is a Smart TV application that provides access to 3DMedia's 3D Gallery and you to enjoy amazing 3D photos. 3D Gallery Connect is part of 3DMedia’s product line that allows users to easily capture, share, and enjoy their personal 3D content.

3D Gallery Connect is an application that runs on Smart 3D HDTVs and allows users to connect to 3DMedia’s 3D Gallery (3dmedia.com/gallery or 3dmediagallery.com). 3D Gallery Connect provides access to your personal content, content of thousands of other users around the world, as well as captivating, high-quality 3D photos captured by professional photographers. The 3D Gallery Connect is part of 3DMedia’s 3D ecosystem that allows users to easily capture, create, and enjoy high-quality 3D photos. This ecosystem consists of smartphone applications that allow users to capture and create 3D photos, PC tools that allow users to create 3D photos using their existing cameras, professional tools that allow 3D photographers and enthusiasts to adjust and optimize the quality of their 3D photos, the 3D Gallery where users and professionals can share their content, and finally Smart TV applications that allow users to connect to the 3D gallery and enjoy the 3D photos there.

Users can access different content in the gallery based on their level of service. Free users can enjoy a limited number of selected photos. Users with purchased services can access their personal 3D photos, as well as featured and premium content.

The 3D Gallery Connect application supplies the following types of content:

·         Selected content: Includes selected 3D photos and are available to both registered and unregistered users

·         Personal content: Includes the user’s personal photos

·         Featured content: Includes featured content selected by 3DMedia staff

·         3DGallery: Provides full access to the 3D Gallery for all public user albums. Users have the ability to access the top-rated photos, the most recently uploaded albums, and the most recently uploaded photos

·         Premium: Provides access to premium content created by 3DMedia staff and professional 3D photographers


The 3D Gallery Connect application supports very limited management of your 3D Photos (e.g., deletion of photos/albums). Full content management is done by accessing the 3D Gallery using any web browser.

The user interface of the 3D Gallery Connect application consists of different categories and views. Each category has an album or a photo thumbnail view. Album view is a collection of albums. Photo thumbnail view is a collection of photos for the selected album or category. Photo view displays a 3D photo in full screen resolution and navigation can be done manually (standard photo view) or in slideshow mode.


Personal Album View

Thumbnail Photo View of Selected Album

Photo View of Selected Image

You can navigate to the desired category by pressing the Green (B) button on the TV remote control. Once you are in a category, you can browse the albums and photos in that category. Once a you select a photo, the display changes to 3D mode and shows the selected photo and the remaining ones in 3D. You can navigate using the left and right arrow keys. This is the standard photo view mode. You can also start a slideshow of the selected album by pressing the Red (A) button while in thumbnail photo view. In this mode, 3D photos are shown in sequence without pressing any buttons.


Help & Info

You press the Info button on the remote control to go to a special album that contains a help menu and other information on how to access and utilize various 3DMedia products and services

Login to 3D Gallery

You can login to the 3D Gallery by pressing the yellow (C) button and by supplying the same username and password you used to create your account in 3dmedia.com, or the same one you used to create an account using the Trimago smartphone application. Once you have successfully logged into the 3D Gallery, you do not have to retype your login information again after exiting and re-entering the app.

Navigation Control

·         Green (B) Button: Change category (i.e., Selected, Personal, Featured, 3G Gallery, Premium).

·         Left Button: Go to the previous photo, previous thumbnail, or previous page if you are at the leftmost column in the album of thumbnail view

·         Right Button: Go to the next photo, next thumbnail, or next page if you are at the rightmost column in the album or thumbnail view

·         Up/Down Button: Go to the thumbnail/album above/below

·         Select: If in album view, will enter photo thumbnail view. If in photo thumbnail view will enter standard photo view

·         Fast Forward (>>) Button: Go to the next page when in album or photo thumbnail mode

·         Fast Backward (<<) Button: Go to the previous page when in album or photo thumbnail mode

·         Return: Go to the previous view. If you are at the top view, return will exit the application after confirmation

·         Exit: Will exit the Smart TV hub and will enter regular broadcasting TV view

Deletion of Photos and Albums

Photos can be deleted when you are in photo thumbnail view or in regular photo view by pressing the Blue (D) button on the remote control. Photos cannot be deleted during slideshow. Albums can be deleted during album view. A confirmation window will be presented before a 3D photo is deleted. You can delete only your own photos. Deletion of photos and albums cannot be undone.


3D photos can be rated by pressing the 1-5 buttons on the remote control during regular photo view. When you rate a photo, the new total rating is shown along with your rating. You cannot change the rating of your photos or the 3D photos that you have already rated. In addition, 3D photos supplied by 3DMedia (i.e., Selected, Featured, and Premium) cannot be rated.


You can start or stop the 3D slideshow using the Red (A) button in the remote control.

Slideshow Duration

You can control the duration of a 3D photo in slideshow by pressing the "Tools" button. You can then navigate to the desired interval using the left/right navigation buttons and select the desired slideshow interval.

Instant Update

When you upload photos to the 3D Gallery using Trimago or any Internet browser you can press the PLAY button to refresh your current album with your new 3D photos. If you are in slideshow mode and you press the PLAY button, the slideshow will restart from the most recently uploaded photos.

Here is a quick reference for the remote control buttons. Please note that the button location may vary from model to model




Red (A)

Start/Stop slideshow

Green (B)

Change category (1-3 keys choose subcategory if applicable)

Yellow (C)

Login/Change user

Blue (D)

Delete photo or album


Help & Information slides


Select slideshow interval


Selects highlighted photo/album and enters


Instate update

Navigation right

Next picture

Navigation left

Previous picture

Navigation Up

Photo/album above (in album view)

Navigation Down

Photo/album below (in album view)

Fast Forward (>>)

Goes to next page

Fast Backwards (<<)

Goes to previous page


Return to the precious view (eventually it returns to Smart TV Hub)


Return to broadcasting view




The 3D Gallery Connect application currently runs only on Samsung Smart 3D devices such as Samsung HDTVs (TV), Blu-Ray Players (BR), and Multi-function Monitors (MFM). The supported models are:

·         Samsung Smart TVs, BRs, MFMs, all 2013 Models

·         Samsung Smart TVs, BRs, MFMs, all 2012 Models with exception the X10 MFM models

·         Samsung Smart TVs, BRs, MFMs, all 2011 Models

·         Samsung Smart TVs, BRs, MFMs, all 2010 Models

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