3DMedia Corporation today released a major update of 3DComposer, a PC software product which allows users to create, view, edit, and share 3D pictures. 3DComposer version 3 includes 3DMedia’s patent-pending technology that lets users easily make 3D photos using any digital camera. These 3D photos can be viewed on 3D-capable displays such as computer monitors, TVs, and mobile devices.

The new software version builds on 3DMedia’s vision of a seamless ecosystem in which users can capture, create, share, and enjoy high-quality 3D content. 3DComposer version 3 contains significant new features and enhancements. A 3D photo editor is now integrated that allows users to adjust and improve 3D pictures created with 3DComposer as well as those taken with 3D cameras and 3D cell phones. Users can adjust the depth and color of their 3D pictures and easily crop them to the desired size, for example to match the resolution of the desired display screen. There is also a substantial new feature that automatically optimizes the 3D effect of pictures taken with 3D cameras, based on 3DMedia’s proprietary image processing algorithms. A major differentiator is that editing can be performed while viewing the picture in 3D, so users get instant feedback on all changes. Users can easily undo and redo edits to understand and compare the differences in order to create a better 3D photography experience.

The software also includes several new features that make it easy for users to share 3D pictures. Users can upload their pictures directly from 3DComposer to 3DMedia’s online 3D Photo Gallery, and they can view their gallery photos as slideshows using the included 3D viewer. 3DMedia’s 3D Photo Gallery contains thousands of 3D photographs that can be viewed by the public, making it an excellent resource for those in need of high-quality 3D content.

The version 3 software supports additional 3D viewing modes, making it compatible with more 3D computer monitors and 3D TVs. The user interface has also been streamlined, making it easier than ever to access all the program features. "This major update of our 3D photography software now makes it easy to create, edit, and share 3D pictures, which we believe will further inspire consumers to make their own 3D content, and will ultimately help the broader proliferation of 3D products and technologies," said Jason Hurst, General Manager of PC Products at 3DMedia. “3D camera owners can also use our software to work with their 3D pictures.”

The full version of 3DComposer is priced at $34.95. The 3D creation and editing features can also be purchased separately if desired. The Editor license is priced at $19.95, and the Creator license which allows users to create 3D pictures using standard cameras and cell phones is also priced at $19.95. A free trial of the 3DComposer software can be downloaded at 3dcomposer.com.