3DMedia Corporation recently released major improvements to their online 3D Photo Gallery and 3DComposer, their 3D photo creation, editing, and sharing software. The gallery now allows users who have PCs with NVIDIA's 3D Vision ® system to view the photos in 3D from within their web browsers. “Integrating a 3D viewer with the web browser allows faster browsing and viewing of 3D pictures without the overhead of downloading the image files,” said Jason Hurst, General Manager of PC Products at 3DMedia. In addition, a seamless integration of 3DComposer with the 3D gallery now allows users to view 3D photos in full screen resolution, thereby providing a more immersive experience. “We are very pleased that 3DMedia has chosen 3D Vision to drive the real-time stereo 3D editing capabilities of 3DComposer, which provides 3D enthusiasts with an excellent, easy-to-use toolset for viewing, editing, and sharing their images,” said Steve Klett, Manager of 3DVisionLive at NVIDIA.

3DComposer is 3DMedia's PC software product which allows users to create, view, edit, and share 3D photos. 3DComposer offers users the unique ability to edit their photos while viewing them in 3D using NVIDIA's 3D Vision system. It includes a full-screen 3D viewer that supports several 3D viewing formats, and it can run slideshows of 3D pictures stored in the gallery or stored on a user's PC. Version 3.01 of 3DComposer is required to view pictures and slideshows directly from the gallery. 3DComposer includes features that make it easy for users to share their 3D pictures in the gallery. It also incorporates 3DMedia’s patent-pending technology that lets users easily make 3D photos using any digital camera. A free trial of the software can be downloaded from 3dcomposer.com. “The latest gallery and software updates build on 3DMedia’s vision of a seamless ecosystem in which users can capture, create, share, and enjoy high-quality 3D content,” said Jason Hurst. “Our gallery is an excellent resource for those in need of high-quality 3D content as well as those who want to share it.”