3DMedia attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), that was held in Las Vegas, NV, this past week, where it demonstrated to major consumer electronic manufacturers its complete ecosystem of technologies that allows consumers to easily capture, create, share, and enjoy 3D content. 3DMedia's ecosystem relies on the Smart & 3D capabilities of HDTVs to deliver to the living rooms high-quality personal 3D content captured by themselves, their friends, and their families utilizing 3DMedia's applications running on smartphones and cameras.

Widespread adoption of 3DMedia's products and services relies on expected growth rates of 3D HDTVs with Smart capabilities. HDTVs are undergoing a transformation similar to that which cellphones underwent several years ago and we expect that in a few years all large size HDTVs will be capable of displaying 3D and running applications developed by third parties. This creates the perfect platform for us. Large screens provide the best medium to enhance the 3D experience and connected/smart capabilities enable consumers to easily download and enjoy 3D content.

This year at CES, UltraHD displays delivering two to four times the resolution of a standard HDTV, as well as OLED displays delivering stunning colors and high-contrast, made their widespread debut. Seeing 3D on these displays elevates the immersive experience to a different level. In its third year, after its first big debut in the 2010, 3D is still a very live and prevalent part of CES. In particular, LG is still heavily promoting the technology. As the centerpiece of its exhibition, LG had an amazing 3D demonstration on an over 100 ft curved wall consisting of hundreds of its latest and highest quality OLED HDTV displays closely spaced together to deliver stunning 3D footage of galaxies and stars, graphics, animations, and to demonstrate its Smart TV technology. This 15 min show has been a main attraction at CES the past two years and has been always my favorite. In addition, LG's passive-glass technology that allows viewing of 3D using light-weight, cheap, and easy to use glasses provides the best path for wide proliferation of 3D in the living room in the near future.